Unlock sky hd box to record

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Sky+ Recording Without Subscription

Sign up to Digital Spy's newsletter to get the biggest news and features sent straight to your inbox. It is a quirk of their software. That is pretty well the history of My box, as I understood it. The Sky technical expert would be wrong then, as that no longer works, ever since the white card was introduced, was it 5 years ago now? It worked on the previous card had a picture of a house on itbut not on the white cards.

Sellers on eBay are selling Sky HD boxes which are able to record Freesat channels,how do the get the boxes to record? Very strange! I also have a blue Sky card which used to make and play recordings on FTA channels only. It stopped working recently and I presumed that some software update had stopped the box from using this card or it had run out of some refresh timer! I wonder if I need to keep it in for longer to revalidate it!

Reading that it seems dubious to say the least, and rather misleading seeing as he's claiming recording will continue for as long as you use it.

I know where my money would be going, and it wouldn't be to some dodgy bloke on ebay! Ste30yo Posts: Forum Member. Does anyone know if i can just get the record facility and the freeview channels?

I read somewhere that there is a fee for the record facility but can't find this anywhere on the sky website Also, would i have a new card and if so would pairing it wipe out all previous recordings? Thanks Ste. StorageHunters Posts: 92 Forum Member.

Last time I tested my collection of white cards none of them did seem to record.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter u2roger Start date Feb 17, Tags sky tv sky uk limited. Now I have no record or playback access. Is there a company that can do it for me, or is there any instructions regards overriding Sky auto switch off???

John Moderator. Very easy solution. Did you still have your box connected to the phoneline when you cancelled the Sky Subscription? Broadz Well-known Member. OK I can except that Sky switched off the function on my sky card. BUT therefore I need to know how to internally remake that connection that the card instruction once did. Like it may have switched off the voltage supply to the hard drive or was it maybe the instruction to something else??

But the card does not allow you to access the record and playback facility. So is there anyone out there that is more technically minded. Technically speaking there are a couple of ways to do it: 1.


Enable it on the card - There is no public information about modifying the card to do this. Re-write the box firmware to ignore the info from the card. Installing the patch is not a trivial task and requires some soldering.

You can find the info via Google. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 27, I need to know how to internally remake that connection.Forums Recent Rules My Activity.

unlock sky hd box to record

Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. Sign up to Digital Spy's newsletter to get the biggest news and features sent straight to your inbox. Is this part of Murdoch's multi pronged attempt to kill off the BBC?

TelevisionUser Posts: 38, Forum Member. Working on my box too. Price of unused box going to rocket, though it still needs a viewing card. Jason Posts: 73, Forum Member. That's interesting. Might have held on to my 2TB box if i'd known this was on the cards. Although, to be fair, the Humax i bought instead does have the catchup stuff as well as DLNA and casting ability which I use a lot.

Interesting TU, I don't know how long it's been the case but I just pressed the Pause button by accident yesterday and it worked. Tested instant record and schedule record and that now works too. TeeGee Posts: 5, Forum Member. I wonder if this is anything to do with Eutelsat 28 going to pastures new?

Jon79 Posts: 1, Forum Member. Thank you both for sharing your observations and please do keep reporting back to let us know if this continues. The interesting thing is whether this is a new and as yet unannounced policy change by Sky or, as with accidental decryption of some channels, if it's a temporary glitch that will be rectified.

For those who its working for are you using ex subscription cards or FSFS cards? Nigel Goodwin Posts: 47, Forum Member. I just tried to record on my box and it doesn't work. I don't have it connected to the internet so updates in the past have been very slow. This is a glitch not a change in policy. A fix should be pushed next week. It is almost certainly a glitch - otherwise it would cost Sky many millions of pounds in back duty.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Thanks to everyone who's shared their experiences above. Technically you could get round that or a decent lawyer could by arguing you need to buy a viewing card for it to work and the boxes are imported without those.Home What's new Latest activity Authors. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors.

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unlock sky hd box to record

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hi All this is my first post. I fould this forum using google! I was thinking of canceling my subscription and just using the box to watch free channels but I understand the recorder will not work? Is this true and if so is there any way around it as I have seen card for sale that aparently keep this working? Hope you guys can let me know, thanks.

Crisbe Regular Member. My Location South Coast, Hampshire.

Sky+ HD tips and tricks: FIVE things you never knew your set-top box could do

But I could be wrong! As far as I know the 'Recording Function' will only be 'activated' if you suscribe to Sly, maybe someone else will come up with a better answer. Cheers, Barrie. Thanks for the replys, So it looks like I will lose the recording facility then and the options I have are to buy a freesat recorder box or pay sky?

I just want to be able to record. I am assuming I can plug the freesat box into the sky dish and it will work OK? How many months exactly? Not known but I wouldn't try reconnecting it in less than three months at least. After that length of time the card would also need reactivation, normally not a problem if you leave the card in an active box overnight, but you haven't said whether you have one of the old yellow house cards or a new white card.

If you have a yellow card then this will stop working as an FTV card soon and whether you would still have the recording function after that is completely unknown.

unlock sky hd box to record

Even the white card reaction is unknown as this may behave in a different way to the yellow house card. In short, you have a very difficult set of decisions to make.

Sky Channel Codes – All You Need

Messages 30 My Satellite Setup sky hd pace hd 9F Analoguesat Administrator Staff member. My Location Scottish Borders. Not only does the recording cease if you stop your Sky subs but any programmes you have recorded from encrypted chanels become unavailable as well Before you call sky disconnect your box from the mains and remove the telephone line, then give them a call. Reconnect ur box, but dont connect ur phone line, the PVR will work but all the encyrpted channels recorded wont play back.

unlock sky hd box to record

You can still record all the FTA channels and playback normal, its been working for me for the past two years.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity.

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Barrovian Start date Nov 9, Tags freesat high definition recorder sky hd sky uk limited. Barrovian Well-known Member. Reluctantly, due to imminent unemployment, I've had to cancel my Sky package. I was led to understand that on expiration of my subscription I would lose the ability to record free to air channels.

However, when I came to cancel my Sky Protect breakdown package, the rep told me that I would still be able to record and playback free to air channels.

I've tried to find a definitive answer to this on line without success. Can anyone confirm one way or another please? Jimx26 Well-known Member. I'm pretty sure all recording functionality is removed when your subscription is cancelled. Jimx26 said:. Sky Protect cannot be trusted, just look at what they sell. I read an article a few years ago saying that the recording function would remain, please let us know as I may cancel next year Ghostleader Well-known Member.

The cheeky had the cheek to email me recently with the offer of reactivating my boxes "plus" functionality I.This is a pretty common practice in many fields these days… whilst you remain a loyal customer, you get a service for free, but once you cancel your contract, that service is not longer available. Other examples:. If you only want to watch free-to-view satellite TV channels and you want to be able to record and pause TV without paying a subscription, then you should consider getting a Freesat PVR — these allow you to record the Freesat channels onto a built-in hard disk, and support features like series link, live pause and rewind.

This holds up to hours of satellite TV and also supports HD. I end my contract but I can still access my apps and listen to my music. I can also download new apps and music without a phone service and use them.

On Sky, I end my contract and I cannot watch what I have already paid for and downloaded nor can I record then watch anything new despite it being on a hard drive and requiring no external provider.

Voicemail is not recorded on a mobile hard drive and Internet would need an external provider. Once again, can I ask you to suggest a better analogy? It amazes me that people are still struggling to understand why Sky does this, or to agree that other companies use similar tactics. Companies try to lock you in their service by a using unique hardware, and b offering features that stop working if you leave. Broadband companies supply a free router that only works on their network and stops working if you switch to another network.

They offer features tied to their accounts that you lose if you leave. Sky, Virgin and BT supply a free or discounted set-top box that only works on their TV service, and stops working if you stop subscribing. The reasons they do this, is to recoup the cost of the subsidised hardware, keep you as a subscriber, and to make more money from you over time.

Other companies do the same sort of thing, for example — content downloaded from the Apple Store that only works on Apple devices, Kindle books can only be read on a Kindle, etc. All three offer discounted set-top boxes, and lock you in.

Like Sky, their set-top boxes lose functionality too if you cease to be a customer. Sky is not unique in doing this. Secondly — Whilst I acknowledge the point about downloaded music on a mobile phone — I believe that people buy mobile phones primarily as mobile communication devices, not as mp3 players. If you buy a phone from o2, it will be locked to o2. So, we are looking for an example of something that is similar to what Sky does.

The closest we could find is the mobile phone or broadband example. Finally — You say that a Sky box can record TV shows without an external provider. To record on Sky, you use something called an EPG Electronic Programme Guide — This is a regularly-updated list of channels with a seven-day list of recordable shows.

Who do you think provides this service? Correct — Sky. This is actually highly illegal, As to pay extra for a Larger hard drive, With full recording functionality of non subscription channels.Click here to help. Other users of howtomendit. The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you.

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Click here to ask a question. Who answers the questions? How can I fix my Satellite Receiver? Navigate to I have cancelled subscription to sky, so I am only receiving normal free-to-air channels. It comes up as not available. Is there a way of unlocking record, live pause or schedualed recording on these boxes???

Dazzer March Siamak September Cheers Siamak Siamak July Can any1 please help me i aint no phone line how do u it and can u stil do it peter March Once cancelled, they take that functionality away. However, the gripe that people have is that the BOX is designed to be able to record, pause, rewind, etc. They simply want the box to do what it is designed to do as a piece of hardware.

Let's play devil's advocate here and so that okay, since Sky are providing the front end for the EPG which they, incidentally, don't own then they can reserve the right to restrict the functions of said front end. Fair enough, but once you cancel your subscription you can't even MANUALLY record on your box, basically rendering any and all recording functions useless.

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