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Search this site. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Who and what is IFA? Orisa Oko. Spiritual Forces and Praise names. Formation of the earth.

The Marriage of Earth and Water. Yembo and Oddua. First child -Argayu Shola. The second child - Oggun. The Fourth child- Ozun. Fifth child - Eleggua. Seventh child- DADA first female.

The eigth child - Oba Nani. Ninth child- Oya. Beginning of daily life. Oggun and his abuses. Eleggua must tell the truth always. The Transition to Obatala. Obatala sees the truth. Transition to Yemaya. Obatala fears for his daughters.

The eleventh child the phenomenon. Eleggua, Orula and the Great Araba Tree.To invoke the Orisa to whom you are going to throw the Obi, you must recite the appropriate prayers to that Orisa.

These prayers are recited when you are throwing the Obi for a reading from the Orisa. And with your arrow, stop all evil coming my way. Thank you my Father. Father, Saint of country and earth, I thank you. My father, God of thunder. Control my house, give me salvation so that. I will not be punished when you are angry.

Because of your thunder, all. Remember our father, we call from the heart to. Ibeji says, we are small but wiser because we finished with the difficulties.

We won the war with satan who did not want the two to. O almighty. Orishala, oinrin ati obinrin laiye eleda ni gbogbo na cheche Baba alai. Ye alabo mi ati mi gbogbo na ejun daradara Baba wa afin alano kekua Baba.

God of purity, oldest saint, Creator of everything pure and the Supreme. Oshun yeye mi oga ni gbogbo ibu laiye nibo gbogbo omo Orisha lo uwe nitodi. Queen God of all rivers on earth.

Where all Orisha Priests must be bathed. Queen God who with her skirt of five colors, bring me. Secret — You must be careful with this Orisha, because you never know when. Osun ni oduro ma dubile agogoro mate adena mi nitosi ki kuelure Ichaworo. God who leads the heads of all humans, you who always stands upright. Babaluaiye kika okin ati funi afiyedeno, awa no Onigbagbo ati omo iwo imo. God of the epidemics and the sick. I pray to you now, have pity on us your.

Oh, glorious father, keep sickness away from my home, and protect. Agallu Chola iye kini Oba Akara chola ogina Oba ni no oke gbina nisisiyi. God of the volcanoes, my father, take care of the earth, that we will not. May your lava stay in your kingdom and do not get mad that. And if it does, please carry away all.

We thank you and pray that we may always receive. Yenya Orisha obinrin dud ku eke ew maye Ayaba mi re oyu Ayaba ano rigba iki. Queen God of all the oceans, known by the seven stripes on your face we. Daughter of the deep blue sea. I who am your obedient child. Inle fumi alaya iwo bawo Onisegun ati re eya gbaga ki sebo nitosi lay na omo. God of medicine, give me the salvation that you as a divine Medic can. You stayed.

Oba obinrin ni no oyu ewa ati ara aya ni Shango kue fumi abekin Ayaba mi.Obatala is a Osha and is in the group of the Head's Oshas. He is the creator of the human beings and everything that lives in the planet.

Obatala " Yoruba Spirit of Clarity and Creativity."

As creator he rules over all the parts of the human body, mainly of the head, the thoughts and the human life, owner of the whiteness, and all that symbolize peace and purity. He represents the creation that is not necessarily immaculate; he is magnanimous and represents the superior being, also the physical and mental pride, wrath, despotism and people with defects or difficulties. This Orisha pleases of all clean, white and pure. He does not admit nudity in his presence and either the lack of respect, is for that reason that their children must be very respectful.

In the nature he is symbolized by mountains. He is the one that interyields before any Osha or Orisha by any individual for a difficulty the person has, because he is considered the father of the human sort and owner of all the heads. His number is the 8 and their multiples and his color is white. His elekes is totally white, in other cases put in with colors according to the path.

All their objects are wrapped in white cotton. A silver bracelet. Iruke, object done with tail horsehair. Suns and moons are sticked to his suit. He wears 8 handkerchiefs around his waist. In his honor the dancers imitate the smooth movements and dubbings of a very old person. In his warrior's path he dances as if he was brandishing a sword. He speaks and does predictions, cleaning the presents with the iruke. His taboos are the alcohol, the crabs and the beans. During the crowning the Oshas and Orishas to receive are the following.

Obatala Adema. Obatala Segbo Lisa. Obatala Elefuro. Obatala Alarmorere. Obatala Oshereilbo. Obatala Abany. Obatala Agguidai. General characteristics of the Omo Obatala: The omo Obatala are possessors of a great will, which can entail to being seen like obstinate people in their appreciations. They are dedicated generally to intellectual works, so they can be writers or artists. They are introverted, reserved and calmed. Usually they do not regret the decisions they take.

But not happy with the task he said to himself "why can't i complete my work? Manager of Cubayoruba. Ifa initiations, divinations and more. Yoruba Religion. The Santeria or Lucumi Religion. Afrocuban Religion.

In order to crown this Osha one has to had received the Orisha Warriors. Tags: obatalaorisha.Like Greek, Middle Eastern, and Indian mythologies, the West African mythology offers a sophisticated understanding of creation and humanity.

The African mythology, rich in artistic fables and truth stories, offers a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Like Indian Brahma, Olorun also known as Olodumare or Olofi is the creator god who crafted the universe.

The Orishas: Obatala

Like Middle Eastern Baal, Chango is the god of thunder and storm. Like Greek Aphrodite, Oshun is the goddess of beauty, love, and sexual ecstasy. A river in Nigeria is named Oshun that flows into Lagos Lagoon. Obatala, Child of God.

The most powerful and sweetest god is Obatala, a universally known deity. Much like Christian Jesus, Obatala is the child of god. Olorun, the father, permitted Obatala, the child, to descend from the heavens, create land over the waters, and template human bodies from popo mud and clay.

The Qur'an mentions several times that Allah created humans out of clay. Qur'an Science is in the process of establishing that human life first sprouted in Africa; nevertheless, the mythological credit of sculpting the human body is reserved for Obatala. As there are angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions, there are Orishas in the African spiritual tradition.

Orishas are divine beings that govern various aspects of human life. Obatala is the godfather of Orishas, such as Chango and Oshun.

Just as the Levant is central to the Middle Eastern religions, Yorubaland is central to the African spiritual tradition.

According to Yoruba beliefs, when Obatala descended from the heavens, he first settled in Ile-Ife, founding the mother city of humanity. Obatala does not have a permanent gender. He is androgynous. He is married to Yemaya, the goddess of oceans and the godmother of Orishas. Free of gender, however, Obatala could be male, female, or neither. This asexuality makes Obatala the god of all human beings without regard to gender. Obatala has no patience for gender fights that break out in human communities.

Likewise, Obatala is free of all colors even though he is associated with whiteness primarily because white light is polychromatic. Obatala is also known as the god of white clothes. Obatala absorbs all wavelengths ranging from " nm at the red end of the spectrum to nm at the violet end. The Obatala worshippers dance in white costumes, offer coconut milk, white pumpkin, and light up sandalwood incense.

Silver and ivory are the charms associated with Obatala. Obatala is the god of persons with special needs.Our mission is to bring the philosophy, knowledge and wisdom of Ifa to all people, regardless of race, colour, sex or religion in order to promote the welfare and development of all mankind. Life is not just a gift or a present but it is in our responsibility to make best use of our limited time, and wrestling or fighting for what is noble and the best so that we can win the race of happiness, hence a crisis or challenges may or can lead us to greater victory, and joy.

obatala prayer yoruba

Post a Comment Your comments. Ogunsina Photo. Adan o lori adeIgbin o lorun ejigba ileke. O da ko adebori ti see yeye adan, to baro lomo sori igi. Oun lafomo afomo o legboori igi n ii igbe. Beeni igi ti o ba si fi tafomo seafomo naa nii paa.

Eyin adie kii dari sokutaigbin kii dari so iyoina ki dari so omi, ewo agba irunmole. Obatala oseremanigbo. Obatala Oseremanigbothat isObatala the ancient of days.

Owo koko la fi wo igi, owo orisa la fii wo irunmole. Iba Obatala oseremagbearugbo ojoagba irunmole. Emi ma deni owo, e jolowo oo loo. Isay your full name become honourable being today and always, let human and deities give me my honor. Afin ni miomo Obatalankii seni aa gba loju. I have become a true child of divinities, evil ceased to exist in my world and in my home.

obatala prayer yoruba

Abuke Orisa ni mi nkii seni a di ni kanin kanin. I have become hunch back of divinitiesno one ties my hand to my back. E jolowo o loo. Ase orisa.He is also the father of many of the orishas and as such is given great respect and deference by the other orishas in matters of great importance.

Obatala is the owner of all heads, because it is said that he molded the bodies of humans before Olodumare breathed life into them. As such, Obatala protects all people, and acts as a guardian for those who do not yet know who their guardian orisha is. This unique Obatala eleke has mother-of-pearl and purple beads added for the road Oba Moro. These various orishas are the roads of avatars of Obatala within Santeria.

She fights with a scimitar better than any other Obatala. He taught mankind how to speak and the arts of the tongue. She likes to knit and sew in her rocking chair all day long. His shrine is usually covered with different white cloths for this reason. Obatala eats a rather bland and restricted diet. His offerings are always white or light in color.

All of his animals for sacrifice must be white in color. White rice with boiled eggs is one of the easiest cooked addimus to offer him. Once the rice is done cooking, chop up some cocoa butter over the hot rice and stir it in so it melts and coats the grains of rice. Plate the rice in a tall mound or tower on a white plate. Remove the eggs and submerge them in a bowl of cold water to completely cool them before peeling the shells off. Cut the four eggs lengthwise and arrange them around the edge of the mound of rice.

Top the rice and eggs with a sprinkle of more cocoa butter and a powdering of cascarilla powdered egg shell. Stack these into a tower as best you can on a white plate and offer these to Obatala for the required amount of time as dictated by divination.

Then the time has elapsed remove the meringues and dispose of them in nature in the appropriate place as determined through divination. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. Follow Us! Return to top.Not sure of the spelling? Try entering just the first three or four letters. He is a high-ranking spirit among the Orishasbut in the old days he did like a drink or two. Not a good thing when you have a holy mission to perform.

His father, the supreme sky god Olorungave him the mighty task of building the Earth. Meanwhile, little sibling Oduduwa spotted an opportunity. Why should big brother get all the fame and glory?

So he stole the holy building materials and did a little planet-constructing behind his back.

obatala prayer yoruba

As you can see if you look around you, he did a pretty good job. The drunken sop Obatala was ridiculed, chastised and punished with a tedious punishment — he was put to work making men and women.

Since that day, every deformity or disability to afflict mankind has been blamed on his fumbling alcoholic fingers. Obatala eventually learned the error of his ways and went very firmly on the wagon. But only the heads. It is only on loan. In reality it belongs to an immortal ex-alcoholic demi-deity from Africa. With an amazing transformation he reinvented himself as the Great White God, a shining figure in resplendent white cloth.

Far from encouraging alcoholic excess and bleary-eyed drunken confusion, he now promotes purity, clean living and clarity of thought. We just hope those impressive gleaming robes do not conceal a hip flask.

Obatala - The Sweetest God from Africa

As top spiritual entity of the Orishas with roles covering fertility, childbirth and fortune, he is now enthusiastically venerated all over the world, from Africa to Brazil. HTML: To link to this page, just copy and paste the link below into your blog, web page or email. Article last revised on May 19, by Rowan Allen. Editors: Peter J.

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